Original Music and Recording Services for Film, Television, Album & Multimedia Productions

Sonic Veil Studios features state-of-the-art composition and recording facilities. The studio’s pedigree is impressive, with Platinum and Gold records of such artists as Ashley Simpson, The Used, Panic at the Disco, Hillary Duff, and many more. Now updated for not only Pop/Rock, but also Film/TV scores, you’ll quickly discover that whatever your musical needs, James can get the job done.

Mac Pro 3.2 GHz “Octo-Core”
Mac Pro 2.26 “Octo-Core” Nehelem
(2) Muse Research Receptor Pro
Recording Equipment:
SSL XLogic Alpha-Link MADI SX (BLA Mod)
Grace m802
Seventh Circle Audio (8 channels/Neve/API)
Avalon VT-737sp
Black Lion Audio AGB Compressor
Black Lion Audio AM/CHA 1 EQ
(2) DBX 160a
Apogee Ensemble
Digidesign 002 Rack
Tascam DA-P1
Manley Reference C
Neumann U87ai
(2) SE RNR 1
(2) SE RN 17
(2) AKG 414
Røde NT-4
Sennheiser MKH 416
Reference Monitors:
SPL Surround Monitor Controller
(5) JBL LSR 4328P
JBL LSR 4312SP (sub)
(2) KRK Rokit 5
Yamaha C3 (grand piano)
Schmoller & Mueller with “mandolin attachment”
(vintage upright piano)
Akai MPK 88
M-Audio 61es
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Taylor GS8e
Fender Stratocaster
(2) Fender Telecaster

Fender Jazz Bass
Fender twin
Notation Software:
Sibelius 8
Finale 2011

Sequencing Software:
Logic Pro X
ProTools 9
Digital Performer 7
Cubase SX3
Mastering Software:
iZotope Ozone 5
Peak Pro 6
Wave Burner
Sample Libraries:
Spitfire (complete BML range)
Spitfire HZ Percussion
Spitfire Percussion Redux
Spitfire Harp
Spitfire Felt Piano
Spitfire Orchestral Grand
Shreddage 2
Los Angeles Scoring Strings
Spitfire Solo Strings
WIVI Brass
WIVI Winds
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Play Platinum Plus
EWQL Pianos
EWQL Symphonic Choirs Play Edition
EWQL Storm Drum 2
EWQL Gypsy
EWQL Fab Four
EWQL Ministry of Rock
EWQL Voices of Passion
EWQL Colossus
Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition
Bela D Giovani Edition
Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos
Kontakt 4
Tonehammer “Requiem”
Animato Avant-Garde Strings
Effects Processing:
iZotope Nectar 2
Antares AVOX
Celemony Melodyne DNA
EWQL Spaces
Audio Ease Altiverb

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